TR’s Legacy




There will be a number of posthumous projects undertaken to keep TR’s brilliant work present in the world…

The first to be completed (e.t.a. mid-September, 2016) will be a documentary, “TR Ritchie: An American Songwriter” produced by Peabody Prize-winning filmmaker, Dennis Dougherty.


Please watch this site and join the “Love For TR” facebook page to receive notification of its completion and ordering information.

Proceeds from the documentary (and any other contributions) will go into the TR Ritchie Legacy Fund. These resources will seed additional projects such as…


– one or more songbooks

– a second book of TR’s unpublished poetry paired with his black and white photography

– a compilation album of TR’s unrecorded songs sung by his friends

– choral arrangements of Heaven, Bearer of the Light, Quiet Hands, Somewhere to Begin and more…


TR Ritchie Legacy Fund

P.O. Box 4230

Bellingham, WA 98227